Blockcert Design

MTPC has been handling the production of HKUST Diploma for the University. The Center was engaged in designing the graphic template for supporting the HKUST Blockcert project.

A major consideration was to recreate the official look of HKUST’s diploma in the Blockcert while providing a template that can include variable data in both horizontal and vertical display for English and Chinese content. To achieve this, all visual elements in the HKUST Diploma, including English and Chinese fonts, official logo and seal, spacing and margin have been carefully re-designed to ensure proper display of data on multiple devices and platforms. The graphic template has been successfully completed and delivered to ISO and ARO for data placement as well as further processing.


All Digital Diploma

With the introduction of a new digital printing system, MTPC Printshop can now produce HKUST diplomas in a SINGLE all-digital print-process, which replaces the offset printing + digital printing + numbering process. It shortens production time by 50%; reduces material costs and paper wastage by 10% and 80% respectively.

The all-digital process streamline record keeping; stock control and diploma replacement. It also enables easy job backup, retrieval and integration with the “HKUST Blockcert” workflow.